When Women Heal – Global Leadership Activism Summit

When Women Heal is a movement that empowers and educates women to take accountability for their own healing journey so that they can live the life they desire.

When Women Heal has led to a solution-focused campaign. They were able to dig deep into the hearts and minds of the women of South Africa who desire change but are battling systemic obstacles ranging from an overwhelming lack of access to education, healthcare and resources. In an effort to affect real change, they locked arms with organizations that share in their mission of education, social activism and empowerment.

This event serves as a platform for U.S. women of various socioeconomic backgrounds to network together with women in South Africa while developing new sisterhoods and expanding professional collaborations.

Cleo Johnson was invited to speak at the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Global Leadership Summit. Due to the Covid pandemic, the 2020 Global Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Georgia was postponed.

2018 Speaker Topic: Unpacking your toy box

2019 Speaker Topic: How to use technology to grow your mission and have a global impact as a servant entrepreneur or leader

In 2019 Nuecleo sponsored 4 flights through Comair for Hands of Love, an NGO based in Cape Town.

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