Feature in Forbes Africa -“Covid-19: The Ultimate Disruptor”

Forbe’s Africa has covered how Covid-19 has left a major impact on everyone’s lives, particularly being a “disruptor” for all businesses. This means that now companies are taking the time to innovate and view the situation from a new perspective. Businesses are pivoting amidst the chaos and devising new solutions to current-day problems.

As someone whose making plans to continue my business and make sure it doesn’t fail during these times, I completely understand the need to remain relevant. Forbe’s Africa discussed my post-corona marketing plans with me and got my opinion on the matter.

Read the full article here.

If you believe your business needs some revamping to be ready for what comes after corona, book a virtual coffee date with me and we can work through your thoughts. If you already have a project in mind and you need marketing assistance then we can book a free consultation together.

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