Hotel 2 Fevrier Relaunch

Hotel 2 Fevrier, located in Lome, Togo is an unexpected African gem. Togo is located between Ghana and Benin and a French-speaking country. Picture stretches of beach, bustling markets, and beautiful French colonial architecture.


  • As part of a commercial task force we were assigned the task of turning around hotel revenue & marketing in 3 months
  • Establish a tourism element in Lome, Togo
  • Change hotel perception and establish as a leisure destination
  • Highlight the hotels CSR component

“Nothing like this has ever been done in the country and proud to say that we did it.”

How we pulled it off

  • Staff recommendations & departmental restructuring
  • Implement digital marketing & communications plan
  • Brand positioning
  • Reallocated the marketing budget
  • Marketing strategy per outlet
  • Promotional offers &hotel events calendar put in place
  • Contracted a PR agency
  • Hosted the 2 Fevrier #Woezon event
  • Hosted an international influencer campaign
  • Identify & establish CSR initiatives
  • Develop brand guidelines
  • New hotel website

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