Hands of Love

“Hands of Love is a youth-centric NPO focused on the upliftment of teenage girls in South African townships.” – Hands of Love Facebook description.

I was humbled by being given the opportunity to speak to impressionable young women about running a business and how to start doing so yourself. I gave them advice on career choices to inspire them and to urge them to go on and succeed in following their dreams.

Cleo praying for young girls at Hands of Luv

“What a privilege it was to speak to these girls about entrepreneurship and career choices and end off this amazing seminar in prayer.”

Through collaboration, making someone’s dream a reality is a possibility. At the Hands of Love Girls Power Seminar, NueCleo partnered with a few of the speakers to put together two business startup prizes.

A prize for the resources to kick-start a business

If I could give 5 pieces of advice to my younger self it would be:

  • You may be young, but don’t only focus on today, consider how your actions can impact your future
  • Money is not an obstacle
  • The right collaboration will get you places quicker than you could yourself
  • Don’t despise humble beginnings
  • Hard work and consistency pays off
Highlights from the Hands of Love, Girl Power Seminar 2019

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