Adopt a Block

Adopt a Block originated from a teaching, that we are blessed to be a blessing. We often fail to acknowledge the guys on the corner, but through a conversation I had with one of them, he led me to an abandoned home where he and 11 other men were staying.

Out of the need that I saw, I tasked the homecells in my area to band together to form a feeding scheme.

Through this initiative, we feed roughly 60 people each week in the Bedfordview, Observatory and Edenvale areas. We supply a warm meal, group prayer and whatever other donations such as blankets and clothes we can collect.

Through donations and self-funding, every Sunday, two or more of us, drive around handing out food parcels.

The aim of Adopt a Block is to mobilize communities. We don’t have to have a large scale NGO or warehouse, we only need to reach out to those on our doorstep, creating a chain effect where each one can reach one.

This is how we operate.

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